What is in a name?

Having been blessed with perhaps the most common last name in the English speaking world I thought it would be appropriate to come up with a company name.  I tortured myself for the best part of a year to come up with a name and bounced various ideas off people.   I settled on Delectapix.  This is a play on the Latin word Delectus meaning chosen or elite.  Also it is the root word for the English delectable.  I’m not overly warm to the name but it does have something going for it.  Number one being it is easy to spell which is important when looking to garner web traffic.


A Recent Shoot

We had the opportunity to photograph a recently renovated house last week.  It went fine until one of my light stands left a scratch on the floor!  I have three stands, two Manfrotto 5001B’s and a thirteen footer from Paul C. Buff for the Alien Bee 800.  Yeap you guessed it, it was the thirteen footer.  The scratch was superficial and was easily buffed out but I learned my lesson.  Each of the feet on the thirteen footer now has cardboard slippers wrapped in masking tape, ugly but effective.  Here’s my favorite shot from the shoot.


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