How to Take a Pro Headshot at Home

I recently had the opportunity to produce some headshots for a budding actor named Andrew Pagliara.  Being based in Wilmington, NC which has the largest film studio outside of Hollywood (so I’m told) in the US, the headshot market has the potential to be significant.  So what are the considerations when you are looking to produce a viable headshot?  Subject, location, and style.



Child Photography, an Element of Luck Required?

I had the opportunity to photograph one of my girlfriends grandchildren recently.  I set up a black background in the spare room as I like dark and moody.  I utilized a Nikon D200 and an 85mm F1.4 at F8/125th second.  For lighting I used an Alien Bee 800 with a 22 inch beauty dish with a sock on it, and an SB900 camera left with a David Hobby serial box snoot.


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