“Professional Photography”

What is the yardstick of a professional?  When does one cease to be an amateur? This has been much debated and it is not my intention to do it here, but perhaps it is a personal interpretation.  I have not derived my living from photography but I have been paid for it, quite well in some circumstances.  I suspect that if deriving a living from photography is the yardstick then many professionals would be relegated to amateur status.  Currently, a significant proportion of my income comes from photography and it appears to be an increasing amount.

From a financial perspective I started out shooting graduations, which when shot in a photo journalistic fashion is a no brainer.  No setups required, capture what happens as it happens and try to be as unobtrusive as is feasibly possible.   I found I was good at anticipating what was about to happen and “photo-sniping” someone who was unaware they were being photographed.  A couple of years ago I was asked by an acquaintance to photo document the renovation of a former housing project into town house style apartments, my first venture into real estate photography.  This project is still ongoing.  I have also done various local commercial real estate photography projects, and now I’m pondering the automobile market as well as aggressively pursuing the residential real estate market.  Have you seen the photos representing people’s most prized possession on MLS..!!

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